LISTING LEADS… HOW do you get them and WHERE do they come from?

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During my first 10 years in real estate I took more than 1000 listings.

Since 2014, I’ve dedicated my life to sharing with my students how to get more listings and why focusing on listings is the most cost effective approach for any real estate business.

Without a doubt – my number one question that I receive from my students is “How do I get more Listings?”

In this video I share with you my systematic approach to getting all the listing leads you want from what I call the 3 Lead Buckets.

My systems for generating LISTING LEADS is easy to follow, takes just about 2 hours a day – and best of all it can all me done for LOW to NO cost!

In fact, Joel Jadofsky from Panama City, FL recently sent me a facebook post sharing how he used the info I share in this video to grow his listing inventory from 20 listings to over 60 in less than 12 months!


To Your Success!

Knolly Williams

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